Bumper Repair in Austin, TX

Exceptional Bumper Repair for Travis County Drivers

Tande’s Automotive is proud to be a leading auto body repair shop in Austin, employing certified technicians to handle all bumper repairs. No one likes being involved in a car accident, even if it’s just a fender bender. Sometimes we get personally attached to our vehicles, and we want to make sure it’s repaired properly. At Tande’s Automotive we make sure our bumper repairs produce flawless and lasting results.

Improper bumper repair can easily fail. If a collision shop fills a dent or crack too thick, it can crack when you run over a bump or from changes in temperature. Tande’s Automotive follows all correct procedures for bumper repair. Using the right amount of heat, we properly handle damaged bumpers, allowing the repairs to hold for as long as you own your vehicle.

Your Reliable Bumper Repair Center

Our primary objective is your complete satisfaction with our bumper repair work. We continuously train our technicians with the most current education; when they tackle a bumper repair job, they execute the proper methods to produce showroom-quality repairs.

Since 2005, Tande’s Automotive has delivered the highest-quality bumper repair results on Corvette, Acura and all others. We do not tolerate mediocre work, nor do we expect our customers to do so. It’s our goal for every bumper repair job to not only look good, but to be completed properly and hold up for many thousands of miles.

Trust Tande’s Automotive for Expert bumper repairs in Austin, TX.

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